Storyboard Process

Storyboard Link

The storyboarding step was challenging because we weren’t sure what exactly a storyboard was and how to construct one. It forced us to do a little bit of research and learn it ourselves. Once we were familiar, we were able to put our creative ideas onto “paper” and outline the project that we wanted present. We decided to do Screencasts of the website so that we could explain exactly what the website was and all the information that it wanted to present to the audience. We plan on doing two separate Screencasts so that we could analyze two very important aspects of the website.

We also decided to add a completely new media component, a blab. A blab is an online place to watch, join, and interact with live conversations about the topics that matter most to you. We were hoping to set up a blab with either a refugee or the CEO of the organization. A refugee would be a good testimony to include in the final project and can give a heartwarming story to the audience. Hanna has met the CEO before at events and we hope to include her segment in the final project.

Through the Storyboard, we were able to plan out the process of our project and we hope to finalize these ideas and continue onto the next steps.


Creative Process

This project will give me the opportunity to work with others in the class and increase my knowledge on a non-profit organization that I am not familiar with. Hanna introduced the organization, Liberty in North Korea, and, after research, our group decided it would be a great organization to learn about and do our project on. I think we will focus on doing Screencasts for our project. I think it will be a good and effective way to reflect and share the information on the organization’s website.

I hope we present the information in a creative and unique way. I think that Liberty in North Korea has a lot to share and is a great organization that is not always looked at. I think there is a unique way to share the veterans’ stories in a way that is compassionate and heartwarming.

The storyboard will reflect our direction and purpose for the project. It will allow us to outline our thoughts and work out our creative ideas in an effective and efficient manner. It will help us plan ahead of schedule for our final project and will show us what direction we are going in. I am slightly nervous because I’ve never storyboarded before but I know my team and I can figure it out with the right tools.

Top Five
I chose this blog as one of my top five because it interested me as soon as I opened up the page. I had never seen something done and the blog taught me a lot about DIY crafts. It was cool that she used Wix instead of WordPress, which, I think, gave her flexibility with her options and layout. The blog is clear and simple to follow and doesn’t have a lot of clutter. The concept is unique and interesting, which makes it stand out from the others. I am interested to see what other DIY things she has planned and that’s why I chose it as one of my top five favorites.
I really liked the layout, topic, and color choices of this blog. I think everything was very well thought out and planned and I really enjoyed how creative she was with the content. She chose an interesting topic and it is something that she is clearly passionate about. This blog can be used for her personal and professional life, which I think makes it really cool. Hanna did a good job organizing everything so it is displayed in a simple and easy-to-follow manner. I chose this as one of my favorites because I was interested in the topic and it caught my eye as soon as I opened up the page.
When I first opened up the website, the big food picture caught my eye. It was a very nicely picked header and that was what caught my attention and drew me to pick it as a top five. I was really intrigued by the content and the pictures made it that much better. I am definitely a huge food person, which may have caused some bias, but, regardless, Nicole’s presentation of the website was very clean and appealing. The color choice of the white background really made the colors in the food pop, which made for a very nice blog.
I chose this blog because I thought it was a good representation of what an E-Portfolio should be like. The bright colors instantly grab your attention and show what kind of person Isabelle is. She did a really good job with the header and was very creative with the spacing of everything. Her tabs show her involvement, on and off campus, which is really good for her professional career. Isabelle has a nice range of activities that shows her well-roundedness. I chose this as one of my favorites because it is professional but fun at the same time. She did a good job presenting a clear but interesting portfolio.
I immediately liked this blog when I opened it because of the header. It was very creatively and artistically designed, truly defining what the blog’s tone would be. The vignette in the photo added a different element to the whole page, drawing my eye immediately to the photo. I got a very fresh and artistic vibe when I saw this blog. I was interested in the content and how everything was written/said by him personally. Carl did a good job with the simplistic layout and made sure to keep it clean, which is essential in a poetry blog. I chose this as a favorite because it was appealing and simple, but not boring at all.



Creative Process


For my midterm project, I decided to do a photo blog of photos that I’ve taken, whether traveling or just in my daily life. At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do my website on, but photography has always been interesting to me and so I decided on that. This blog was specifically for non-professional photos, meaning I emphasized my hobby of taking photos, rather than advertising a professional photo blog. Most of the photos I take, and that are shared on my blog, are taken with my iPhone 6, with the exception of a few, which were taken on my DSLR.

I wanted to present my blog in a simple and clean way that drew most of the attention to the photos. In order to do so, I chose a simple dark gray background color. I chose a dark color because I thought it would make the colors in the picture pop and stand out. I chose gray over black because it gave it a little more character, rather than just a basic black background.

When deciding how and where to display my photos, I was limited because of WordPress’ options.  This was slightly frustrating; however, I still managed to have a decent organization of photos. To begin, I decided to have a static home page, which shows six different photos of some of my travel experiences. I did this because I thought it would give the reader a nice introduction of what my blog was about without having to read anything. The ‘About’ and ‘Meet the Editor’ tabs are a little bit different, in that the include descriptions about the website and myself, respectively. Still, I tried to include a photo of some sort to connect it with the theme of my blog. I also had a ‘Photos’ post in which I displayed a collage of my different photos. I also used this collage in my Screencast. At the recommendation of a peer, I also added a ‘Spring Break’ post that included photos of my Spring Break adventures.

Overall, my blog exhibits random, different photos that I take in my every day life and adventures. I hope you enjoy!


“Damn Daniel” Meme

The “Damn Daniel” meme became popular a few weeks ago when high school student, Josh, made a 30-second video about his friend, Daniel, complementing his fashion, swag, and, most notably, his white vans. The terms, ‘damn Daniel’ and ‘back at it again with the white vans’, have been coined as a compliment because of this video. The simple, one line expression has been repeated and shared over thousands of times on all social media and the meme has also come to have different variations. A few (pictured above) include: Daniel Radcliff wearing white vans, Danny Phantom, and literal white vans. This Twitter video has received over 347,000 Retweets and 466,000 favorites. Their popularity landed them a segment on The Ellen Show (see video below) and a cameo in the new Weezer music video, “California Kids”.

There are many things that can make a meme popular. How catchy, funny, or relatable it is all determine how popular it gets. In this case, I believe this video caught on because of its simplicity, humor, and the tone of voice behind the narrator. The sayings, ‘damn Daniel’ and ‘back at it again with the white vans’, are simple enough for others to repeat and share and the specific pitch and voice that Josh (the narrator) uses makes it that much funnier. One’s ability to be associated with the meme and being able to connect it to their own personal life makes a meme most successful.

People are constantly striving to fit in with the most current trends; therefore, being able to relate to the meme (or a variation of the meme) is crucial to their image. The “Damn Daniel” meme is relatable because white vans are a very common part of many people’s wardrobe. This video is easily replicable, but what made it so popular was the way Josh and Daniel presented it, even if it was unintentional.

Screencast ePortfolio

Making the screencast was surprisingly easy and not hard to do. I enjoyed learning about the process and tools, as I hadn’t heard of this program before this class. I think it’s a great tool for a variety of tasks — instruction videos, video blogging, etc. I had a great time using Screencast to present my opinions on this ePortfolio.

At first, I wasn’t sure I would enjoy hearing myself talk (and I’m definitely still not super into it), but after a couple takes I finally felt natural in speaking into the microphone. I know sometimes it can be awkward speaking at your computer to no one, but after some practice it comes naturally. I think the hardest part of this assignment was figuring out what to say and how to talk in a casual conversational manner, but I realized I was speaking about my own opinions and so there was nothing to worry about. I liked how Screencast allowed you to switch pages/tabs so that we could display more than one website. This came in handy when I wanted to compare the two different About Me pages.

This skill can definitely be useful in a variety of tasks. Whether I’m blogging or creating instructional videos to share, having this skill can allow me to more easily create those videos. Anyone who partakes in these different hobbies could benefit from knowing this skill. It is an easy, understandable way to do the task (which I thought would be hard) and it allows for a great video as a result. This could definitely be used as a presentation tool or a tutorial video, anything that allows yourself to be creative.

I was glad I was assigned this task and was able to learn the tool of Screencasting. It was interesting to learn and such an eye-opening experience.

Creating a Podcast

I would like to say I’m fairly technologically savvy; however, creating this podcast was definitely a struggle for me. To begin with, I have never used Garage Band, so learning it for the first time was daunting at first; nevertheless, once I played around with it for a bit, I started to get the hang of it. The most difficult part of using Garageband was figuring out how to splice and combine two completely different songs. At first, I wasn’t sure what two songs to use in order to make the fade in/fade out less choppy, but after several attempts I decided to use two EDM songs. I did this because they both had similar beats and bass drops, which I could use in combining the two songs.

Uploading the podcast to WordPress, on the other hand, was a whole new challenge. For the past few days, I have watched endless Youtube videos and read through several articles, yet still couldn’t figure out how to upload the podcast through a third-party source (Auphonic, Amazon S3, etc.) Finally, with the help of a few classmates, I found an easier way to upload my podcast. All I had to do was simply create a Soundcloud account and upload my mp3 file to their music database. Next, I simply added the Soundcloud link to my post and WordPress automatically accommodated the two websites.

Clearly, I am no DJ or musical artist; however, with my basic skills, I think I did a decent job of combining the two songs with a smooth transition. This allowed me to record my voice over the music without a choppy transition.

In the future, I see myself using Garageband and podcasting if I ever decide to make a blog or publish some music. These skills will be useful when I choose to publish my own work.